Avoid plagiarism by Citing the Correct Sources - Tips

Apr 13, 2021 by Peter Charles

Some students find it boring and difficult task to write an essay following a proper formatting style. There are many citation styles that are used for various academic writings the most common are APA citation style, MLA citation style and chicago formatting style. Following the rules of formatting styles and citing your sources can solve your biggest problem and that is plagiarism. One of the most common problem that every student faces while writing a research paper or essay is plagiarism. Some professors have zero tolerance for plagiarism because it means that your content is not original rather it is copied from internet or any other source. 

High plagiarism is the worst nightmare of the students because it can lead to the failure and getting a zero straight away. While writing an essay you have to ensure that your write my essay content is not plagiarised or copied from any sources. In order to write a Non-Plagiarized Essay you have to cite the sources you have used in your essay. It is not ethically correct to copy someone’s material even without adding references to the sources. 

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism 

  • Keep track of the sources 

In order to avoid the plagiarism you to keep a track of all the resources you consider gathering a piece of information from. If you don’t make a record of all the source you may forget and it can lead to higher plagiarism. You can save the sources along with the information while creating a draft to avoid troubling yourself at the end. 

  • Phrase or quote from your sources 

If you are quoting a text you have to add quotation marks and a proper citation to give credits to the author. Also you have to rephrase the information you gather from a particular source by adding your own idea. You should not copy the entire text without giving credits to the real authors. You just need to get a basic idea or information and then convert it into your own words to explain your own idea by giving reference of the information you collected from the particular source to write my paper.

  • Add in-text citations as well as references list at the end of the document

You need to add in-text citations using a proper formatting style to avoid the plagiarism. You have add the name of the source be it a book, website, a journal article or whatsoever along with the name of the essay writer and other essential information. Also add a list of references to avoid the plagiarism by giving credits. 

  • Check plagiarism using plagiarism check before submission 

Once you have completed your work you should check the percentage of plagiarism in your essay before submission. If the ratio of plagiarism is high you need to rephrase and add your own idea to avoid getting zero marks in your assignment. 

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